RC: Doctors ne Inshots mein.. News pe apna photo share kiya hain ppe suit aath ghante ke baad.. Khola tha he was all wet with his sweat only… toh woh image that he shared.. Ke yeh bhi ek struggle hain… ke apne aap ko pure time ek permenant extra skin… jokey unbreathable hain… 

PS: Its very, very, very, very uncomfortable. 

RC: And actually, actually, you know I’ve been also been bothered a lot by I mean, har koi bothered hain… everyone should have you know, but everytime I ask ki aise time mein hum karein kya….What should we do in this time of crisis? And there’s this you know, constant dilemma which is like ki.. I mean, I have certain privileges and then unke bais pe this is where I am you know, safe in my home working or doing anything, eating I’m getting my meals like three times a day four times a day. But phir bhi matlab…aise time pe as a larger mandate as a humein kya karna chahiye? Beecause because then.. Jo stories hain unko sunne mein ek baar aise lagta hain ki you know.. Scavenging hoti hai na.. Ke koi desperation mein hain.. Koi mar raha hain..bed pe..and then us time pe sell 2500 wala at 25000. So it is like, it is like you know making out of you know…you are cooking your food on the piers na..matlab har baar discuss kartein hain and bahut logo se discuss kartein hain.. Assembly hum saath mein share karte hain…as hummein kya karna chahiye… jo bhi pandemic se related nahi hota kuch kartein hain toh lagta hain ki hum galat kar rahein hain….. Humarein you know privilege ko use kar rahein hain ya exploit ka rahein hain…. Matlab ho sakta hain ke mein bahut harsh hu… but lagta he hain… ke thoda easy idea…hain

A: But guilt kyun ho raha hain tujhe?

RC: Guilt aise nahi hota matlab..karna kya hain… woh guilt toh aa raha hain he…abhi kya karna chahiye… guilt aata hain agar mein kuch aur kar lu toh…haan matlab kuch aur karne lagu toh thoda thodda guilt aata hain…but kyun aa raha hai pata nahi… tujhe  nahi aa raha hain kya? 

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