After finishing my HSC exam on 15th march 2020 I came to daman from Mumbai to spend some days with my family before getting back to Mumbai to prepare for my entrance exams. On 25th march 2020 it was announced that there was going to be a lockdown. My family owns a grocery cum retail shop in daman. People went crazy that night to shop for things for entire month in a go. Normally we would close the shop by 9.30 pm. That day we went on for 11.30 pm. That experience was super scary seeing so many people at a time wearing no mask, maintaining no physical distancing. After a week things were not so scary in daman as there were no cases in daman till may 2020. I would go the store everyday to help as there was limited staff working. I would see people buying loads of stuff for baking cakes biscuits, there was a shortage of these materials. People would buy panipuris in bulk like 5-6 packets of 100 puris each. There was no shortage of essential goods like flour, oil, masalas, cereals and pulses. This made me realize people would never let go off their luxuries in such difficult times also. One day woman bought 5kgs of popcorn kernels which was enough to feed a cinema hall. That was hilarious, I still roll laughing remembering that time.

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