The pandemic gave me the time to connect back with my body and helped me with the time to get healthier and fitter. When I moved to Mumbai for college I had no idea how to take care of myself without my mom nagging after me and that led to unhealthy eating habits and a rough sleeping schedule without giving my body enough exercise, I kept throwing junk in my body like it was trashcan and when the coronavirus started spreading and killing people, me and my family took it upon ourselves to get into healthy eating habits and a good exercise routine.

This gave us the family time which we were missing out all these years.

But things are changing and we’ve had too much of each other and now everyone just locks themselves up in their own room and are constantly on their respective devices, its like life is more fun online on the internet than with the same people.

Hanging out with friends is not easy to do now and parents wont let us out of sight for long because we can still get infected.

Going back to our 2019 lives is the dream right now.

Working from home is no fun. we miss our studio time.locked up in a room alone working can get depressing, but not having an option to come back to mumbai is very bothering.

There were pros and cons to the pandemic but its gone long enough now, let it end 😦

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