Experience of Covid is very different for each and everyone. The people who live in small villages or towns or in big cities have very different experiences of Covid. I live in Palghar. I used to travel from Palghar to Borivali everyday. So I was not getting time to spend with my family. But from 22 march lockdown started and everyone stuck into their houses. From 22 march to I guess April ending we didn’t get down for any reason. We used to play carrom, cards, and other games together. We also saw childhood pictures, recollecting the memories we had so much fun. So I like to ride my bicycle and explore places. So after April everyday in the morning me and my 2 cousins started cycling. So in Palghar other than the main road we were allowed to go into the small streets that go into villages. So we have many farms and rivers in the Palghar. We were literally exploring the new places. Since everyone were in their houses doing online work the roads and the places where we went were very silent. If you go there you can hear the clear voice of the flowing water, chirping of the birds, etc. So I feel really good in the lockdown. I have never experienced such a silent atmosphere.  

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