The lockdown period acted as a major break which everyone needed from there lives but couldn’t get one due to their works. That lockdown period acted as family time and me time in everyone’s life and In this lockdown when everyone was stuck at their homes there came a point when life became miserable in Mumbai because we have to stay in 2-3 BHK flats and cannot go out and chill, and at that point I saw few people accessing shared terrace as an escape from their homes. On the other hand people in small cities were juicing that time because people in small cities who live In houses have personal terraces. In lockdown terraces played a major role, as they acted as a gathering space. In small towns people would gather on there own home’s terraces and would play games , talk to each other from terraces to terrace, people used to put speakers on terraces and dance, fly kites, gossip. But you see the difference because even in Mumbai people have terraces but on normal days when people have their work going on terraces would just be locked for years and years without realizing how important it is. I was in Mumbai in the initial period of lockdown and after coming to my hometown (Sirsa , Haryana) I could compare everything happened to me in lockdown and how things varies in small cities to Mumbai  and that was the time when I realized how architecture drives the lives of everyone. 

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