When her in – laws came to their house, Vaishali moved to her mother’s place who was staying with them. There wasn’t enough room for everyone to sleep in the house, since most people had back and knee problems. This decision shifted the domestic responsibilities to her husband, with very little time for him to prepare for anything. Now his day began with looking for dabbas of flour and rice and toor dal, while thinking about whether the geyser was switched off after his mother had taken a bath.

Not to mention, he wasn’t very pleased with his wife’s sudden decision. His mother would tell him the recipes from the living room sofa while he followed them, developing his own quick cooking hacks, methods of chopping. He began clicking photos of his daily ‘menus’ and sending them on the family WhatsApp group. He was suddenly proud of something his wife had been doing for most of her life now. But he learnt a new skill, developed a new ritual.

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