During the lockdown I realised how aware one has become of their surroundings, their belongings, their emotions, their life, their work and most importantly themselves. It grew with time, and normally the things which we never gave too much attention to, started to seem so important. Priorities for everyone drastically shifted. In this process, there were some entrepreneurial changes in people’s life, there were self-realisations, people didn’t take each other and their life for granted, sympathy towards each other increased, and most importantly everyone became aware of the self.

I came back to my home town just before the lockdown, and this is the longest I have stayed in my house since the last 4 years which made me notice and realise things that I never realised. Each day in the house seemed to be the same where I could hear my Dad talking to the office staff about work and ranting about how the clients are not ready to pay their fees, my mom trying to learn how to zoom her friends and video calling her online counselling patients, my grandmother who was bored of solving her newspaper crosswords because her daily serials were not airing anymore, and me who complained about having headaches and a gazillion back problems because of the continuous screen time. 

Entrepreneurial activities were shifted to a house or just the laptop. People came up with new businesses but at the same time some businesses faced a loss of their lifetime. Some had to leave what they were doing, or just try to save their business. The entire cycle and the loop was disrupted. In this situation even, people came out and helped one another.

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