The lockdown has changed a lot of habits and daily schedules. Where I would wake up at 6 in the morning for college, now the timing has changed to waking up 10 min prior the online lecture.

The habits of having breakfast, taking baths early in the morning has changed not just for me but for other family members too. Where i would get space in my room to work now gets filled up by my mother and my aunt as they both have work from home. This  lockdown I felt at first would give me more time to sleep and do nothing but  later made me realise that the free time could be utilised.

Since we have online lectures the travelling time got saved and I got more time to spend at home and paint which was not at all possible if we would have had a regular college. During lecture breaks or after lecture use to be the time to do all the paintings and now I even sold few of them.

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