My father got a heath leave from his duty two months ago, and his behaviour and involvement in this house has increased. Not only my father, me and my brother have also engaged in all the activities which my mother use to do. In the morning, from sweeping to help in kitchen. My mother has got six more helping hands and it really made us realise how difficult it is to coordinate multiple work. 

There are approximate 50+ positive cases within 50 meter of my house, and my father is too much worried about it. He doesn’t allow anybody in the house to step out to buy anything. He himself goes out and gets anything required. The gas cylinder which is delivered is also kept outside the house to clean before taking it inside. 

One habit which has increased is the use of mobile, television and laptop/computer. My mother and father learned a lot of new social media applications and the use of it is too much. The schedule has changed to an extent that, rather sleeping before 12:00 -12:30 am, everyone sleeps after 3 am and wakes up after 10am. This is because of the over use of this mobile phones.

To stay inside the house for such a long time is stressful because of the habit of constantly moving from one place to another, but my father said he can stay like this inside the house for another 1 year. 

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