So the discovery of vaccines was seen as one of the most promising solutions to curb the pandemic, but the vaccine was not the only solution to the problem after the vaccination started in India in April, we wanted to vaccinate almost 10% of the people.

The problem did not stop there. The bills were still the biggest concern during the pandemic. The government initially gave out a notice and regulated all the costs uniformly for all the sectors which would cost not more than 4000 rupees for a single bed. But after a reporter went through some of the hospitals in the Mumbai city, they could not find any hospitals offering beds at such a low cost. Also, the hospital asked for a deposit of 1 to 1.5 lakhs to confirm the bed. 

Another system which was connected to the bills was the health insurance. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the hospital bills were one of the biggest concerns that were relying on the insurance policies, but most of the health insurance do not cover the pandemic as under it as it is not an existing disease instead stated that it was a new condition which has occurred. So the only thing which was implemented was the corona suraksha kawach, a completely new policy, people had to use it as a top off to their existing policies. But whether it was helpful was still a question to all.

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