RC: The main problem arises when we go to vaccination centres to get vaccinated. There was this compounder who was telling me, woh mujhe bol raha tha ki, mujhe december mein hua tha covid. So how after three month I had developed antibodies in myself andbut ab mereko jab covid aayega toh I will become the carrier of covid. Antibodies toh hain mere mein so I will fight it but woh carrier jo hain usse zyada badh raha hain. Aur yeh data bhi bata raha hain, jab woh spike aaye the neeche, and it was like situation handle ho gaya hain, tab we started having lots of marriages and we had a lot of functions, toh wahaa se woh carriers develop hote hote mutate ho gaye. Aur woh abhi jab vaccination centresmein ja rahein hain aur doses le rahe hain, abhi mere jo grandparents ne liye hain, abhi woh toh theek hain, but jo bhi centre mein jaakar lekar aaye hain, usmein 50 percent logon ko post symptoms huein. And 25 percent logon ke oxygen down hain and they are in hospitals right now. Aa… even after taking a lot of precautions, the carrier thing is really changing haan. There are a lot of people who have recovered who are becoming carriers.

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