FS: Today only we were talking humarein class mein, yesterday we were talking we were thinking, my parents were saying ke agar vaccine abhi le lenge, toh do we have the time to, if symptoms develop kiye do tin din mein, toh yeh jayega toh possible hain kya we are protected. What happened in my building is that, like a week and a half ago, when my grandfather was positive there were 20 -25 cases, and everyone had suggested maids and all bandh kar do. Bahut usmein discussion hua tha ki, even right now when we were reading in the newspapers that 90 percent cases were in high rises, residential buildings and apartments, and very less cases, 10 percent cases in high density areas, so and we like humm humesha yeh sochte hain ki we will get affected by them but yeh kabhi nahi sochte how we are going to affect them. So the point i was trying to make, yeh tha ki, abhi building mein the committee suggested ke jo bhi maids ko aana hain, unko they should either get vaccinated or rt pcr test karake aane ka, which is valid for 14 days, toh ek neighbour hain unhonein baat ki, jo ghar pe aate haim unke, they aware all extremely reluctant, agar unhone rtpcr karaya aur positive aaya toh and if they are asymptomatic. Ek unhone bola ki humko positive aa gaua aur humare chawl mein aaju baaju kisiko pata chala na, toh hum itne din naahna peena humara sab khatam ho jayega kyunki, humare paas, we dont have the resources to do that. Bahut reluctance tha ki karaye test na karaye.

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