Video plays “And in the midst of all this, there’s one state that stands up with a surplus of oxygen amid a mounting COVID crisis. No points for guessing that state is Kerala. Kerala has actually increased its oxygen availability by 58% over the last one year. So how is India’s only oxygen surplus state managing the crisis and why cant their model be  followed by other states. Oxygen refilling units such as this one in Kerala is one of the reasons the state despite a high number of cases is an oxygen surplus state, unlike many states especially in the North since the start of the pandemic. Kerala almost doubled the air supply by creating air separation units and revamping six of them and today all 11 are running at full capacity. 

According to the deputy chief controller of explosives, Dr. Venugopal “now we are able to complete everything and know in this big gala maybe everywhere they are reaching higher for each day. As we see the number going on our heartbeat is also going on because they’re receiving calls and it is sad for those who don’t know we cannot supply.  The INOX oxygen facility which is the biggest in the state used to provide almost 40% of its 149 metric tons capacity to industries in 2020 and now it is fully delivering to hospitals. Here at Tiruvanthanam Medical College the storage capacity has almost been doubled from 20 kilo litres of liquid medical oxygen to 40 kilo liters of liquid medical oxygen.

So what’s the Kerala model? After the first COVID wave the state focused on augmenting capacity, rationalizing use, preparing for the crisis that the second wave could bring. The government hospital has additional storage capacities installed while the state increased its oxygen availability by 58% within one year, “Even before October, I mean these are big we had this issue we knew that our oxygen capacity will be low. So what we did was that the government spent a lot of investment on oxygen plants, you know the majority of the ICU beds are actually in medical colleges. The 10 Medical Colleges all the 10 medical colleges are now at least you can have oxygen plants near them. Oxygen production in Kerala at nearly 220 metric tons is more than double the state’s own. So it has been able to send oxygen to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and even Goa through the various non government suppliers. Andhra pradesh is the other southern state that is now delivering much needed oxygen to Maharashtra from the steel plant at Vizag through the new oxygen express train.

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