Prakash Javadekar Union Minister says that 4-5 din ka stock toh rehta hi hai aur pipe me bhi hota hai. Aur jitne vaccines doses aap complete karte ho usse jyaada shaamta me quota manjur karaya jata hai.

And says that it is the lack of planning by the Rajya or the state governments But the health minister of Orissa, Health Minister of Jharkhand have mentioned that there is a shortage & minimum of 2 days stock is only available and urgent requests are made for more amount at hand or if not possible they will have to shut down the facility centres. 

Our state Maharashtra, the state facing the most increasing cases and death rates in the world and breaking its own record has a 40% of cases in the country. 

Rajesh Tope the health minister of Maharashtra, said that it had only two days of stock at hand and that the center is supplying less number of vaccines to Maharashtra. 

The Union Minister responds by blaming the Maharashtra State Government for wasting doses( i.e 5lac) … but the percentage of wastage of vaccine in the state is 3.2 % which is comparatively less than the other states in the country. 

According to the statistics of the most affected states the promised supply is less than its requirements. And Maharashtra govt has accused the center for supplying surplus to the bjp ruled rajyas and not properly prioritizing the needs.

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