RD: Like 10 days back, I just recovered from COVID, so the situation was like that in our family. Each one of us was suffering from covid, me, my mom dad and my brother. So what happened was that like initially before we got our covid test done, one week back we got to know that we had a sense of loss of taste and smell and ghar pe sab ko he bukhaar aa gaya. So we pretty well knew that ke it is a covid situation only. And I have my grandparents also at home, so what we did was we sent our grandparents to our uncles house so that they don’t come in contact with us. Then when we got the test done, like we all were positive. The very first day the bmc had come to us to check whether we had a 2bhk flat and if we can be at home quarantined, if there were situation jahaan pe ghar chotte hain, 1 bhk, aise kar ke, so they directly used to take the people to the hospital. Jinka situation critical hain, unko hospital lekar jayenge and two of them can stay home.Even these 14 days, when we all were positive, it was getting very difficult for us to maintain that social distancing, kyunki hum ghar pe chaaro he positive hain and we just have two rooms. Aur usmein bhi aise, I and my mom had higher symptoms then my dad and my brother. So we, I and my mother were kept in one room and my dad and my brother were kept in another room. So that because of us, unka health degrade na ho jaye. And the situation was like, because we all were positive in the house, whoever used to come to our house, had to really take precautions. Even at our house we had to wear masks all day and you know keep a distance, even while eating, we used to sit almost, one one meter away from each other, so that we don’t come in contact with each other. So really the situation gets difficult, like you know if even one person from the house is suffering from COVID, the speed of transmission you know, covid ka jo pehle ka speed hain is very fast. Like within a day or two only we all suffered from covid. Like in the second wave it is noticed the ratio of spread is much more faster than the second wave. First wave mein woh spread ho raha tha, but itna jaldi nahi ho raha tha. In the second wave, every second house, we find one or two covid patients. 

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