India was in a better place in handling the first wave of COVID-19. The World Health Organisation also praised India for successfully containing the spread of the first wave of COVID-19. Till January and February (mid) this year the cases almost reduced to a few thousand throughout the country. The world started appreciating India for its remarkable achievement as India is the second most populated country.

But one question that is common in everyone’s mind is HOW DID THINGS GET SO BAD?? 

After the first peak in September, cases dipped 30 straight weeks before they started rising again in mid-February.

It is believed that the overwhelming surge happened because people let their guard down and were lulled into believing that the worst pandemic was behind them.

India also failed to seize the opportunity to augment its healthcare infrastructure and vaccinate aggressively.

We really didn’t prepare in the time we got. As a result,the healthcare system is severely

short-staffed right now….the infrastructure is crumbling.

People started thinking that they have escaped the pandemic, especially when it didn’t hit the country as hard as everyone was expecting during the first wave.

Once the cases from the first wave began dropping and reached a low, there had been an overwhelming feeling among the general public that the worst was behind and they were out of danger. It was fuelled by the irresponsible statements from several political leaders, many from  the ruling government itself, leading people to inadvertently believe that India had defeated COVID. Perhaps this may have led them to engage in laxer behaviour. 

Some experts said it is likely that the surge could be fueled by the presence of more infectious variants, which were not there during the first wave.

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