PS: That is an interesting question,if one should feel guilty it’s more about you know, and that’s a that’s another thing that’s that’s the second point as to the support systems, which are kind of you know, which are moulding cities and societies and these support systems are under under threat and are crumbling which was the eventuality,  it’s not as it never happened it will happen. But what what holds together is our compassions our compassions and friendships and kicks and trips and individual energies and i think i think i think there is a value in that because because these small forces, which is basically friendships and compassions and energetic selves these are the ones who which actually hold the society any which means they are they are the ones. The society is not held by the system, they’re really held by small forces and these small forces are critical …in in….. in nurturing and they’re….. they’re accountable to themselves. They are like nobody, like…. like friendship is not a compulsory thing no? not like responsibility ….friendship is not like responsibility …. Friendship just works with something else…. compassion is not a responsibility. And similarly, trips and kicks,  the energetic self it works with, there is nobody asking you have to be compassionate….. be friendly or have a kick off, it is …it is…if you look at it very close it is … is these these small forces which actually kind of you know, keep societies together. And it is not the big systems that hold these things together….

I was trying to get injections, Remdesiver…in Bombay and Remdesiver is centralized. And centralized matlab kya hota hain ki basically, you cannot obtain it from shops in the shops and hospitals have sent requisition to the collector’s office to get ke bhai aaj humko aaj itne logon ke liye itne chahiye. So the collector allocates. Humara problem yeh hota hain ke .. ke.. Hospital mein … agar hospital chaalis maangta hain to chaubis aatein hain…toh hospital raises its hands… ke hum kya karein… because it has so many. And mera aur ek dost hain jo works with the municipality, the war room jo hain…set up kiya hain…htose are handling only cases with influences… isko bacha lo.. Mere bhai ka yeh hain.. Woh hain.. Political pressure…bureaucratic pressure.. Friend of something somebody somebody somebody somebody and remdesiver, it costs around two and a half, 3000 rupees for the first two, I got for 13-14000 rupees,  I got it cheap, so it’s a it’s a kind of a, it’s a kind of expensive. So basically what happens in centralized systems,  two things happen. One is supply, kind of, you know, constraints and secondly all these influences and bribery and then you know, black marketing all those things start.

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