When we wanted to get a vaccine for my mom that time we heard that vaccines were not available in any Hospital even in Government. Then we were waiting for like two  to three weeks and than one of our neighbour told us that vaccines are now available only in private hospital not in government; so we go and get a vaccine before the stock gets over. When my mother got vaccine during that time my father was stuck in Gujrat but now when my father wanted to take vaccine the vaccines are only available in government hospital and not in private. 

Even I saw in news many of the patients were shifting from private hospitals to the government hospital because of lack of medicines  which were needed in treatment but again the government hospitals had no beds available. So on to this situation I had a talk with one of my friend’s father who is a covid doctor and he  told me about many things and what he said is Private hospital has good infrastructure medical treatments, now what happens in  covid, government has huge medical institute in Mumbai like KEM Hospital and etc  but here also, there are limited bed for covid because increasing of high number of patients and taking care of them become really difficult. That’s why government has started centers which called as a covid centers which have huge number of beds like dormitories.

Now what happened the certain medication which has shortage at present, like remdesivir and chloroquine; now initially it was available in private because private has its storage because government has taken control. Whenever the initial stock has come; so they give those injection to government hospital cause they don’t  have. So now there is  disparity in demand and supply  and because in second wave the number of cases is rising and nobody has predicted and had a plan centrally as well as in some state which have high incidence rate of covid like Mumbai Pune major cities.

And now with vaccine there are two main supply of vaccine one is covid Shield  which is manufactured by Serum Institute with the collaboration of Oxford University. So  this vaccine is originally researched by Oxford University and again the raw material for it is supplied by other countries mainly from USA and  our country only manufacture vaccine. So that’s why there is an agreement. According to the agreement we have to export 50 to 70 percent of manufactured vaccine to the the other countries. The other vaccine is covaxine this vaccine is fully developed in India and we have all rights that we can distribute this vaccines within our country  but the manufacturing  plant is small and production is very less compared to covid shield.

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