JG: I have one question, these modern institutions are not specifically running through monetary transactions, like those other examples of black market which you mentioned there are other concepts which are happening within these modern institutions. But the main frame if you look at the larger scheme monetary transactions naa..I mean if you look at the patents also COVID vaccines of executing there was a debate last year….. Why should there be a patent in a vaccine? Why not look at those models and their transactions? 

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. I mean, there are there are like, there is a lot of power play. And there is because modern institutions are based on a capitalist orientation No? Like, like, for example tum agar patent nahi karoge toh capitalist system crash ho jayega na? Toh copyright, patent, yeh sab jo hai na.. These are.. When capitalism and particularly corporate capitalism now which is vicious …. And then they you know… we can talk about corporate capitalism through this pandemic also. Thats the bigger rot really. It’s sickening. 

JG: And how do you look at it through this pandemic?

PS: Look at it through this pandemic? Its becoming stronger and stronger.  

JG: Maane with this black marketing and everything there’s a loophole in this system itself which kind of reshaped the world.

PS: Tum aise mat socho ki these black marketing is a is a term that I’m using to kind of it’s a it’s a wrong term maybe like the way I don’t like Juggad I don’t like black market. See basically kya hota hain ki gher trader karta hain naki ek bhaav mein khareedte hain aur dusre bhaav mein bechte hain … aur moauka acha hain toh zyada bhaav mein bechte hain.. Toh wohi karta hain woh black marketer…

JG: Also this influence that you spoke about. Politician ke koi bhai.. Behen…

PS: Exactly.. Exactly… thats another realm.

JG: But woh sab yehi realm mein exist kar raha hain na

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