As the situation worsens, people are beginning to demand a proper database as the ground reality is not parallel to what is being projected by the government. Video plays “News is coming in, in which the center has told a social media platform to take down posts criticizing the handling of the COVID situation alleging those posts that violate the IP laws of India are to be taken down. So which tweets are being deleted on why are tweets being deleted? 

It has reportedly sent a notice to users saying that tweets are in violation of laws in India according to the Indian government and information that we are getting at this point of time is that the social media platform Greta has removed several tweets made by people including some by popular Twitter handles including handles of member of parliament members ready from West Bengal, actor Kumar Singh and Vinod Kamble and avinash’s not just Twitter, there are other social media platforms also where the government has sent in this request. Now, according to the government, some of the social media posts with regards to the handling of COVID-19 situation are in violation of Indian laws and that is exactly what they had asked twitter to do. Now that in fact, twitter has removed some of the posts. Let me tell you very clearly, none of the accounts have been frozen. The accounts are very much active but tweets by five year old Capri, for example, have been removed and Twitter is saying they have a team, the team vets all the requests that they get. And according to the request, some of the tweets according to Twitter, too, are not in line with the Indian government law, because of which we are seeing, you know, companies, few tweets being removed from the social media platform. And it’s not just Twitter, from what we understand, other social media platforms have also been asked to remove certain sections from their platform, or certain people who have been writing about COVID-19”. 

So, the government chooses to chase after its iconic central vista project and continues to commit to its ill management of the pandemic situation. Warning bells about a third wave from heads of two states are heard, but no plan of action. 

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