RS: So another thing which is also happening on the backend, which has come out recently is the ….the insurance companies and I’ve been seeing these closely because my dad is associated with them.. But even their structure is, right now they are… they don’t have anything in their banks so that they’re able to give those claims and the rate at which the cases that they’re getting and the claims which are there…

although they’re legitimate that is also one button which has been reducing reducing a lot and creating a delay to sort of even the treatment, body a lot of other procedures that come post money literally.

PS: Just.. your father works with the insurance companies is it RS? 

RS: yeah he you, he is…

PS: So he is  saying that the insurance companies don’t have money for the states ?

RS: Not like that like, so what has happened is that the backend of the insurance company…means the people who will process the claim….verify this is there or not that staff is almost cut in half.. their staff is infected. So whenever like people are putting their claims, to process the claim and then okay and what happened is that… so basically these companies collected money and first wave mein a lot of them they gave away a lot. So right now even they don’t have enough to supply for all the claim that they are getting so even the premiums of these offers increased a lot. So if you now renew your insurance there is ideally a jump of at least 5 to 9k than what it was before. And that people are not able to deal with this gap also right now..

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