A: Nahi nahi.. My fufa got admitted no.. he got admitted and got 3 beds .. but my fufa and my.. 

PS: 3 beds for your fufa?

A: No one bed for my fufa and one bed for his father and one bed for … so.. My fufa has a sister 

PS: where… where is this? 

A: In vile parle.. In nanavati they got admitted… they got admitted also and they got oxygen also.. Matlab.. The interesting thing was, unke dad aur unki jo behen hain na..she was she is the she has always remained a child all her life. So she’s always like a child, very curious, toh usmein… they had to be together because nobody could handle her… even the medical staff could not handle her.. and she had to be with her father and uske wajah se phir woh… and my bua was the only one left alone at home. So my father was going from here even to give charger because pura building ne chod diya … matlab they literally left… jo baaju walein the, they left the house only… jaise covid ho gaya… whenever she used to come to the balcony toh baaki sab aise… bhaag jaate the so then it was basically her alone at home and then the only system was us in Santacruz moving around and his networks through which he got the beds.

PS: Do you know how much did it cost at Nanavati..

A: At. nanavati the cost is.. Dada is still admitted haan…usmein as the starting fee only it was 3.5 lakhs matlab per person only it was something like that. But he is a CA so then he could manage..

PS: Any other, anybody got a story of health systems of police kind of… ofcourse most stories are about internal crises like the police itself getting overburdened or the insurance companies itself getting overburdened and not able to handle just the mass of operations….anybody else other than this …

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