The second system, which we are talking about, is the healthcare system. While some criticize the  government saying that its failure is not just a failure, but it’s a crime against humanity. Others empathise with the government citing that no other government could have shown better results than that is here. So if you look at the entire government’s expenditure on healthcare is a little over 1% of the GDP, and it is among the lowest in the world. So 16 million Indians were pushed into poverty as a result of high spending on the expense on health care. The expense of healthcare in various states as  compared, Delhi is the first with funding of 12.5%, which was very shocking as the most affected space in the pandemic is Delhi. There should be appropriate laws to provide medical assistance in treatment and additional policies to ensure affordable care as the practice.

So India has nearly twice as many public, private hospitals and public hospitals. Most of these private hospitals are speciality driven and located in urban centers, which causes the rural population to travel to the cities for the most basic healthcare. According to the various articles that are close to 50,000 MBBS students that graduate every year, but only 34,000 Medical posts, the ratio of doctors per 1000 people is 0.6/1000 This is way below the recommended ratio of one is 1000 of the World Health Organization. 

The lack of medical force and ill distribution of healthcare has contributed towards the inadequate management of the pandemic. Although healthcare is a state subject, the pandemic has shown how dependent the states are on the centre. This can be contributed to the lack of technical advisory boards on state level, the ICMR provides guidance to both the state and the central government. But this advice is given with respect to the objectives of the central government. This does not help as there is a need for specificity.

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