And in the midst of.. apart from the reasons stated in the video, Kerala’s better performance can be credited to the extensive powers given to the village Panchayat and district magistrates who administer dispensaries and primary health care centers in their areas. Across the country, entrepreneurs and innovators have devised new apps, robots and regulators to help overcome the pandemic. 

In early April, the Indian government launched COVID 19 tracking apps called the Arogya Setu which uses GPS and Google to inform people about their exposure to COVID-19. Startups including ABC app and practo are providing COVID-19 test at home and online consultations within their homes. Further in response to shortage of ventilators for critical care, startups such as national robotics developed at IIT Kanpur and Aero Biosis from IIT Hyderabad and java healthcare are developing low cost, easy to use and portable ventilators that can be installed even in rural areas. The xyz government  is using drones to deliver vaccines in rural areas.

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