ST: I don’t know if my answer is valid or not in this case, but..  I’ll share the experience my father is facing right now. So, in the past couple of months, and then the second wave started to take ….no started increasing… so, he every day he said some another….something happening with the partners which he is working with right now, there were  totals 5 people, 5  other police officers in the same…. in the same….car…..which you know, they use for patrolling everyday and you know…  another five right now, only my father and the driver is in the car… the other three have tested positive… aparts from that the remaining officer who are in the police station …..minimum past three months ….minimum four officers have died because of the pandemic.When we say that is the system holding us together…the system itself is failing at some point?

PS: It is under stress you mean?

ST: Huh? Yeah!

PS: Like it is not because of its.. that that’s definitely the….

ST: Like he told me… the driver with whom he used to go for patrolling even he’s tested positive. It is very difficult right now.

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