RC: So apart from the system… you know the friendship and volunteerism …. Joki… chottey chottey small communities mein hein were created….. Agar hum usko system consider kar sakte hain…toh uske alawa baaki sab fail ho raha hai… i mean … people are trying to help on their own jitna bhi hota hain.. But kisiko bhi hua toh hum ja rahe hain aur hum kar rahe hain phir…choti choti groups shuru hue hain.. Jo ki aise youth volunteering groups hain… woh jo bhineedy hain unko food de rahe hain.. Jinko jarurat hain unko oxygen de rahe hain.. Contacts.. Aur recently hua hain yahan pe.. Unhone remdesivir ke…kaise toh bhi procure kiye hain jo log kar sakte hain aur..phir hospital mein donate kar rahe hain.. Woh matlab..chote chote scale pe ho raha hain.. But if you look at a larger scale there is a lot of stress. COVID mein matlab beds be share ho rahe hain… i don’t know how. Yeah, sorry.. Go on.

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