Ever thought how family members of frontline workers feel like. There is no end to the anxieties of their families and well-wishers who can’t seem to decide what worries them more – the fate of their beloved sons, daughters, husbands and wives fighting the pandemic or the brutality, stigma and public outrage displayed against them in various parts of the country. It happened to me too. My sister went for 3 months of covid duty. There was a constant fear in my mind whether she was safe or not . She sacrificed meeting family for 3 months for world’s betterment. I had no idea if she was even getting proper food. It is said distance makes the heart grow fonder and there was a constant wish to see her at least once. Even after returning home after 3 months she was quarantined in a room for 2 weeks as a precaution. It was the most difficult 2 weeks of my life where I had my sister so close but couldn’t meet her . When she signed up for this profession she also signed up for all the risks that came along and I am proud of the choices she made along the way.

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