ST: I wanted to speak about that. No, but let’s begin with the marks wala thing, apart from you know, options we can go through, ke kya ho sakta hain… who is or who is a teacher, and recently I was talking to G, when she asked me, my brother is in 12th right now, so she asked me…exam kabhi hain and we said exams ka kuch bataya nahi hain but … matlab ho jayega.. Then after that it was said ke 10th ka exam cancel ho chuka hain and then she and then they were you know having conversation and then she asked me what about my studies and i told its all about portfolio …and then the conversation kept on increasing and then i asked her…since you are a teacher… then how recovering at this stage right now how do you think the education system should work….the marking and grading and all thing. She specifically mentioned the marking and everything is required, the corruption and everything , the higher bodies which will pressurise ke humare bache ko lo paise lekar… donation denge management se aayenge… that will increase a lot. Because if the merit system nikal jayenge everything will go on donation then… because of which the people who are stuggling a lot in the grading system.. Woh toh peeche chutt jayenge.

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