Last year scientists detected a new variant B1617 with two mutations – the E484Q & L452R. This double mutant strain was first detected in Maharashtra.

Big religious gatherings, the reopening of most public places and crowded election rallies are being blamed for the uptick.

A false sense of normalcy crept in everybody, including the people and officials, and did not take any measures to stop the second wave.

One reason for the surge in cases could be the start of local trains for the general public in the month of Feb this year. 

My personal experience was that : I was travelling through a rickshaw (this was during the time when the cases were reducing around JAN -FEB this year)  and I saw the rickshaw driver not wearing a mask and also the plastic partition was removed. When I asked about the same he said that AB CORONA GAYA!!! So this kind of irresponsible behaviour could have been avoided. 

If we could have stopped all the possibilities of the second wave by abiding by the rules and taking extra precautions the situation would have been better.

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