PS: Actually you’ll can…..y’all can , if there are people who have faced  systemic breakdowns where you find that the state is you know.. the states system is really crumbling… not not able to handle… if you’ll have ….does anybody have… Did anybody feel something like that? That is state system is really kind of crumbling?

T: Yeah, actually my neighbours entire family passed away because of COVID… first they lost their daughter and then …the…a…

PS: How old was the daughter

T: The daughter was young…. 32 or 31…. then they lost the mother, and the body was left here because they had to look for a bed for the father who was also very ill at the moment and today he passed away. Both of their bodies are here for two weeks because they couldn’t find a place to bury them or… 

PS: So crematoriums and hospitals yes, that you see.. Already… kind of you know… what is happening you know… we as a society… as a contemporary modern society na… to hold our society together, we have set up institution systems, right? Kind of you know put together schools and hospitals and police stations and prisons and secretariat buildings and post offices and all of those things. Right? To hold together, right? At a state level, but also at a… at a…. at a household level, there is family and there are people who are neighbors, neighborhoods and stuff. A lot of new friendships, I am talking about neighbors and families and neighborhood and all of those things. So, so did you’ll feel these systems which are….. which are holding things together are cracking together in this pandemic. Did anybody feel like what…. what T is saying na ke, SM yesterday was actually yesterday talking about how the education system have crumbled, the  exam system has crumbled, have gone completely for a toss. Health system Bombay-Delhi toh, pura…did anybody feel otherwise…. Kisiko laga ke our systems have taken care of us.. Is there a possibility of that story as well…. Arey kuch toh bola na aap log…. Aap log chupp nahi reh sakte ho…

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