The country that boasted of being the world’s pharmacy in March discovers a month later not only are the ‘Made in India’ vaccines short in supply but also that there wasn’t enough basic oxygen requirements fulfilled to deal with the second deadly wave. 

India was called Hanuman that will avail the world with the Jaadui Jadi Buti for cure but then what happened? What resulted in the failures? And situations where home was in danger arised?


•The unthinking adoption containment strategies not suited to the Indian context. 

•Excessive centralisation and top down control without coordination between Central and state government.

• Inadequate investment in the preparation of the health systems facilities and personnel 

•Misplaced timings and delayed responses in several critical areas. 

•Parsimony of the measures despite of inflated declaration about the source about the official packages

• Inadequate government spending to increase demand to counter the collapse in economic activity

•Misplaced focus on measures to increase liquidity. 

•Class caste and gender biases of the policy response

•Suppression of democratic rights and crackdown on dissent during the  lockdown. 

*Other than that it wrong to say that the government had a year’s time to prepare

Yes that it for the 2nd wave …. but otherwise the medical system can’t respond for an emergency within a year. It is not just a year to blame for, its the negligence of the years altogether towards the medical sector…Which result in consequence we are facing now.

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