PS: yes yes.. basically, that’s, that’s another, that’s another, but also that all existing in the system, but what I’m saying is these are older systems which are functioning. See what is what is important to understand things like like today, mera kaafi baar jadga hota hain ….. Kaafi log bolte hain ki Bombay mien bahut saarein agencies hain…there is municipal corporation… there is mmrda, there is state government there are parastitials like MIDC AND CIDCO and …… basically and there is MHADA and there is you know, line organizations like the BEST and plenty of organizations and because of all of those things, your road remain always dug. Ek agency ko pata nahi hota hain ke dusra agency khod raha hain and phir dursa agency aakar khod ke jaata hain… this is not you know  and therefore we should have a central system … toh kyaa hota hai ki yeh one layer ke chakkar mein na….all we dont realise is that… what is able to survive  and everybody is able to get space in Bombay because of multiple divided power. If somebody is stopped somewhere somebody will go to another agency, inke yahaan bandh hota hain toh dusre uske yahaan shuru hota hain…… if my door is closed that at my BMC licensing agency, I will jump myself into MHADA and get my license from somewhere else, there are plenty of agencies which are, so, the distributed power distributed power provides much more space for people which may appear and that is the way that these these markets work…..markets work with this multiple kind of, you know, exertion of power, and they never kind of settle, what is happening? What is the…… what is what is the state, and particularly capitalism kind of setup states, is they try to centralize in the name of ….in the name of fair competition, they actually centralize they do not allow any other systems to operate. And that’s the problem. 

And that’s, that’s the whole thing kind of cracks, but unka yeh shahswat nahi hain yaaar….. And they will also crumble like everything else… like everything else, like the British Empire.

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