A: I have a friend, who’s a pharmacist so she was telling me ke remdesiver hain..distributors ke through aata hain….. Ki woh joh black mein aa raha hain woh distributors se through aa raha hai. So I have another friend who isn’t properly, so what he has contacts with a distributor ke paas se woh aise nikaal ke deta hain. 

PS: Trickle hokar aata hain… bahut saarein means hain…matlab kaafi kuch… the underground of the… of the medicine in black market and mechanism is very different. But the problem is what I’m trying to say is that you realize that that excessive centralization kind of crashes things ..just crashes, because then it brings it down. Aur phir usmein kya hota hain ki… then you are left to fend for ourselves and then you don’t know what to do …. I’m really struggling to get that bloody, set of injections and my mobilization was kind of you know, 100 percent mobilization …..crazy crazy mobilization……But it was, you know, if, I don’t know if people are able to do that, but it’s it’s through these strange networks that this happens. But at this moment, it is…. it is not the system, but it is these small forces which are holding this… it is these small forces that hold you.. Brace you…work with you and stuff…. 

But it is also an opportunity. But what is it, it’s also an opportunity to relook at the mainstream systems. Exam nahi de paa rahein hain to mat dene do na yaar. Figure out a way of where you can evaluate people without exam. Figure out a way to work out systems where you don’t need,  instead of instead of kind of figuring out how to how to give exams, figure out a system where you don’t need exams. We need to figure out,  evaluate as far as objectives are concerned na? Humara problem kya hota hain ki… humara jo evaluation hota hain na… Whatever evaluation it is, it is it is geared towards competition…humara evaluation is not geared towards meeting objectives. Our system is geared towards the next level of entry. Ki woh entry milne ke liye usko yeh marks ki zarurat hain aur yeh marks ke liye usko train karna hain… its not geared towards providing whether learning has happened, whether objectives are met. Usmein phir marks and  all of those things kind of start getting played out. And that rotten system and this is the moment to review that rottening rotten system. Really a moment to review the rotten system. And I think many of those opportunities exist. Those opportunities are existent  and there to …..I think as far as possible, it is interesting to find out ways in which those opportunities can be leveraged and and made pushed. 

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