My uncle’s oxygen was decreasing and the doctor suggested immediate hospitalization. We must have contacted more than 15-20 hospitals from Kandivali to Andheri but everyone refused the availability of a bed. After a contact via my friend’s uncle we got him admitted. The doctor prescribed Remdesivir injection immediately. All of us had decided to cover different medical stores and pharmacies through contacts as well physically going. We wanted 10 doses, somehow we managed to get 4 of them from my friend’s dad who worked in a pharmacy in Mira Road. Again the next day we procured 3 more similarly through a medical store. We needed 3 more and his condition was very critical. After going to several medical stores, after a day and a half one store manager gave me a number for this person who was selling it for six times the price, for around 25-30,000 per vial. He said that it was a contact directly from the distributor. We got one dose but that night he passed away.

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