This too shall pass away.. A month after the complete lockdown was announced my mother got a call from her boss saying that the laboratory would be resuming as usual from the next day. When she broke the news out to us there was complete silence. The first thing I said after the silent pause was “Mumma you are not going anywhere.” The last two weeks had been such an emotional rollercoaster since my aunt had died due to COVID-19. My mother had yet not recovered from the shock of loosing her sister. The most random yet terrifying thoughts came rushing to my mind, the fear of death, losing loved ones and what if something happens? When my mom wasn’t around, I asked my dad why he had no reaction to which he said that it would be a good distraction for her to recover from the shock as she would be busy in her work. I wasn’t really convinced by what he said but I half-heartedly accepted the fact that she had to go. The next morning, I gathered some courage to see her off. No calls throughout the day, I was anxiously waiting for her to be back home. This routine was becoming normal day by day. I realized after a few days that its not the time to always be sad but find a positive side to it. I needed to tell her how proud I was of her that even during these difficult times she was contributing her bit to the society by putting in danger her health. Till date this hasn’t changed. Of course it is scary but I am so so proud of her. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been people working every single day at risk to their health and perhaps even their lives to make sure that the rest of us can live a life that is nearly as normal as possible. There are probably tons of other essential workers toiling away during the pandemic. They all deserve our gratitude.

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