This COVID pandemic is really crucial for all of us as we never experienced this kind of things before in our our life. Especially lockdown period. This was first time that I have stayed in home for that long period without going out. When lockdown was announced I was like” WHAT!!!, HOW AM GONNA SUFFER FROM THIS?.24 hours in home! what am gonna do? NO HANGOUTS WITH FRIENDS, NO MEETS NOTHING NOTHING, NO STREET FOOD, NO HOTELING! ” And it was not for 1 week we had to suffer for almost 3-4 months but lockdown experience wasn’t that bad. I got to spend quality of time my family. Before this everyone’s schedule was so packed that we never used to get this much time together. Because my 12th schedule was so tight that I never got time for myself and my hobbies. I spend plenty time for sketching and painting, even started to learn Guitar again… As I used spend a lot of time lying around watching Series or anime while churning chips I thought to give some time for physical fitness too and not forget to mention skin care like applying homemade ayurvedic masks lol!! As there was this much free time my mother decided to make her girl a good chef but her daughter didn’t learned more than 3 recipes hehe. But yeah I learned baking cake and bread as million people out there. In fact it was a trend ,every time I used to open my Instagram there was this series of baked cake stories everywhere!! And that one HILARIOUS DAY when everyone was supposed to clap or make any decent voices but Indian public got so excited that they used cylinders and all types utensils , and anything literally anything lol .I was laughing for hours on that! BUT let’s hope this all will end soon and everything will go back to normal…..

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