Covid pandemic was uncertain and sudden. The lockdown has had so many effects on the world overall but it gave me some valuable teachings and opened a new door for me completely. I started to look on the inside as the outside was completely forbidden. I had some obscure questions to which I got clear answers. Looking on the inside helped me analyse my life better. I started to read books and get better with self development. Meditation and spiritual awakening took a shape. I started to be concerned about my mental health and how I look towards the world. It helped me understand who I was as a person. And today it has helped a lot to me as looking on the inside showed me that there’s a lot to clean on the inside. Once the inside is cleansed the outside automatically become clear. I realised that there’s a filter on my eye at the way I perceive the world. Secondly it has bought a family together.. my parents and I were always busy in respective schedules due to covid we all used to spend time together. Watch series and have fun. Having food together and talking about how we are feeling in this situation. There were many ways I could have looked at this but indeed I love the way I looked towards it. The pandemic has bought lots of teachings in numerous ways with which one can harness innumerable power.

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