Initially when covid began ,as everyone was scared, so were we . The first one year all of us at my place were distraught with the fear of contracting the deadly virus. Recently when I was just beginning to feel that covid wasn’t a big deal anymore for us but the new normal ,I never even thought that I might have to go through this phase with my own family! My dad contracted the virus from his work place. My sister and mom could not get the taste at all. They slowly developed fever, cough and cold soon! There is something about COVID that scares the hell out of you. Maybe it’s the fact that it has caused so many deaths all over the world. All these thoughts came into my mind when there reports came positive! Papa being a heart patient and having my grandmom stay with us ,i was more worried for them than anyone. The trouble it could get to them, that thought scared me so much! Seeing my 65 yr old grandmom who tested negative along with me be so graceful and fearless and ready to take responsibilities of the household chores for the remaining days while dad ,mom and di remained quarantined made me much stronger and helped me muster courage to deal with this situation and to help them as much as i could. Inhaling steam thrice a day and drinking turmeric milk and isolating even the remaining three of us from each other was the drill to safeguard ourselves. Mom ,dad and Di sat behind there room gates while we sat far away on the dining table so that at least we could see each other while we ate food, the smallest possible way to stay connected. Being in the same house but isolated from the rest makes you feel restless and anxious but i learnt that I had to be strong so that mom dad would heal sooner. Dad and grandmom had to be eventually admitted but we decided to stay strong courageous and hopeful through that time. “THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY” , I use to console myself every time! Being mentally strong and not panic when maybe you or your close kin is in such a situation does help them heal sooner with the kind of positivity we send to them. Practicing being grateful for even the little things helped us be mentally strong and pull through these difficult times.

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