Board exams had just come to an end and I could finally go for dinners, trekking, movies and much more with my friends. But al these dreams ended soon with the commencement of the lockdown. At first I was not worried by the lockdown as it was assumed that this would end in a few days of time and everything would be back to normal. However months passed by and I kept waiting for the lockdown to end. Things started in a pretty smooth manner, staying at home and relaxing the whole day, waking up at 12pm, watching Netflix, making various dishes and trying all the food trends like dalgona coffee, colouring my hair, video calls with friends and family, playing treasure hunt games through WhatsApp, constantly shopping online for clothes and snacks, staying up late etc became very common daily activities. My sleep schedule was a wreck and there was no flow to my day. But soon everything started to go downhill. I felt tired all the time even after sleeping the entire day. I was wasting my time while others were being productive. I became more agitated and irritated with everything around me. I was fighting with my sister all the time, yelling at my parents, picking fights with friends and my emotions were all over the place. Everything had become so frustrating that I started leaving the house for walks even when i was told not to. Listening to music while watching the empty streets and closed shops and walking gave a sense of freedom. Even though the lockdown was a difficult phase it taught me many things. I always thought my summer vacation was too short and wanted more holidays but now i wanted to work, I wanted to be able to sleep on time and wake up early, I wanted to go out of the house.

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