My grandfather tested positive for COVID when least expected. It was a shocking news and we didn’t have any idea what to do next. BMC officers visited us that day and performed COVID test on the whole family. I couldn’t believe the fact that the virus which had killed millions had entered my house. Suddenly my grandfather’s oxygen level started decreasing and he was having problems breathing. But the condition outside was so bad that there wasn’t a single bed available to get him admitted. We had to rush to Sion hospital urgently as there was a bed available. After reaching the hospital, I couldn’t believe the sight I was witnessing, COVID patients were being admitted in general wards and there was no one to take care of the admitted patients. No guidelines were followed and the worst part is that the hospital was falling so short of staff members that they told us to stay there and look after my Grandpa!! The condition outside is really traumatising and I hope no one experiences the things which me and my family went through. Please take care of yourself and your families and educate people who don’t take it seriously because the condition is way worse than you think it is!

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