I got a ladder and climbed up on the loft, the least visited space in my home to search for my old cricket bat. I switched on the lights, and saw a chunk of old boxes, furniture and dumped down things up there. The place had become a home for spiders and termites whom I tried to dodge. A pouch caught my eye. I opened it and saw an old camera in it, the one which worked on reels. I opened the camera and found a reel. I held it in light and saw a lot of people celebrating but the reel was too illegible to see. I kept searching and found a cardboard box full of photos. I ruffled the dust around it and sat there seeing them. The box had archived a decade of my life which had become illegible in my memory. It was so sweet to go back and see how I started walking, my first birthday, days in my kinder garden and many more. It was magical to go back in those days. My Mom called me; it was dawn Oh God! I was sitting there since past two hours. I got them down. The whole evening me and my parents giggled around my chubby photos. I was never so close to them before that. In a busy regime of studies and classes living a metical life we lived together but never been together. The pandemic and eventual lockdown broke the metical bustling cycle for me and introduced a new diversion to think and live. Me finding those photos triggered that new habitual living cycle and brought me close to my parents again. The halt that it created timely as well as spatially broke that metical regime and said, “Hey, wait think and analyse. Is this what you really wanted?” But there was still a mystery blurting around my mind. The reel. The shops were closed and the reel was two decades old. Forgetting the digital revolution there was no one who could develop that reel. I decided to develop it at home. Come on, the internet is new and gives you all the answers in a click. The lockdown encouraged you to try things which you had never done before and I was so curious to know what that reel contained. In fact, I had no option than doing it myself that’s why I started reading about it. How its washed, dried, scanned and then printed. I got the chemicals from a chemical store which were obviously open. I had a scanner previously. Thankfully I found an old printer and its half-filled ink bucket in our office. After washing the reel, it started making sense. And the time came when the printer brushed its colours and I got the pictures. Splendid! the reel contained photos of our Christmas celebration at my school church with all my naughty friends. I immediately shared the softcopies with them who cheerfully joined me down the memory lane!

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