Soon after the lockdown was announced in early 2020, white clouds of disinfectant descended onto our streets and lanes. March, April, May is also a time of the mosquitoes – and grey vans ventured out into the city leaving behind tufts of fluffy, white, opaque fog.

But these are not odorless clouds. After each “cloud shower” a clean, sterile, sanitized smell wafts into homes within seconds. Burning eyes, titillating skin. During the peak of covid, this shower of sanitized molecules was reassurance of what remains sanitized in this world- in what remains clean, untouched, and disinfected.

In hot and dry Ahmedabad, these white clouds of sanitizer spray and mosquito repellents are the closest thing to witnessing fog or cloudy weather! For a few moments, it is as if the city transports itself to cooler climes and the world emerges clinically new and sanitized.

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