Like every other person in lockdown, I spent my time doing some household chores, watching TV, cooking food, reading, meditiating, etc..etc…. All that was possible staying home, but after a certain point that too became very boring. While the world was experiencing this pandemic and worried about the future, I began self introspecting myself as an individual which I had never thought of before. As the four walls of the house would feel trapped I started exploring myself from within. I realised that majority of my decisions were based on others opinions, also at times before doing a certain thing ” log kya kahenge” thing also used to pop up in my mind and I would take a step a back. At the same time, listening to others opinions and working according to that is not wrong but without having your own opinion and simply just working according to theirs is…  Lockdown has a big impact on the entire globe but i would say, the biggest impact happened inside me as a person. 

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