A few days ago, while talking to my friend on the call, he told me about the college project his group has been working on. It’s the virtual chemistry lab. Developing a chemistry lab program using algorithms. The pandemic enabled them to think of the idea. The purpose of creating such a lab is that it would enable the learner to link between the theoretical and practical aspects without pens and paper. It would allow the learner to experience a lab without walls and doors and real chemicals but would allow one to conduct experiments with the help of virtual instruments and chemical solutions created through algorithms.

These types of virtual lab software and other essential spaces software have started to develop a lot during the pandemic. The learner no more needs to worry about the availability of certain chemicals at a lab or worry about being very careful with dangerous solutions but feely be able to conduct experiments. 

 In this pandemic, the software aims to enable ones with zero facilities or people away from their research places to conduct experiments and gain knowledge as well as continue research papers. This pandemic also brought new ways of thinking among the people also.

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