Before covid, every day was spent majorly in bedrooms. Plus we also have a television in the master bedroom and not in the living room. So the living room was the space which wasn’t used at all. After coming back home from work or college, everyone directly goes into their respective bedrooms. But after covid, four of us started spending most of our time in the living room. As games like cards, carrom, the sequence took over television and mobile phones. The pastimes have been changed from listening to songs to listening to mom’s and dad’s childhood stories. Baking instead of going to the gym. Another space is the terrace, which was the least used space before covid. But after lockdown, we started using terraces the most. Felt like that was the only gathering space at a colony level. At around 5 to 6 in the evening, almost everyone in the surrounding houses used to come on their respective terraces. Watching each other, sometimes also talking to them felt quite good.  

Covid has definitely brought the world closer. Talking to neighbors, delivery boy, greengrocers, was quite rare before covid. But after pandemic seeing someone else’s face other than the three family members was in a way delightful. 

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