Coronavirus was a gift to us in some ways because it brought many positive changes in our lives. Although because of it, I lost my one-year stay in Mumbai. It was a whole new experience for the whole world. Many people got the chance and time of knowing themselves and spend extra time with the family. Many people got the chance of working out and make themselves fitter than before. In my own case, my father started going for a walk double the amount of time that he went during normal days. During the lockdown, my neighbors and father used to sit under the tree in front of the house in the evening for an hour. Before that, they would only meet each other during holidays or special occasions. So, it created a craving for meeting real people and with the ones who aren’t very close. I also started meeting my classmates who lived near my house and we rarely talked before. Hence, it brought people close to each other. Screens became very important part of our lives more than ever than before. Education started online, a new experience of work from home. But it also created lakhs of job losses and businesses were also closed. Therefore, it was a depressing time for majority of people, brought some positives in some lives and changed the world drastically.

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