The pandemic has changed our approaches, routines and build in a new perspective towards our everyday. It has led to a very minimalistic approach towards buying what is needed rather than what we want. During the lockdown, the things that marked our days- commuting to college, having conversations with friends over coffee-vanished and time took on a flat, seamless quality. In the absence of an imposing structure, it was easy to feel a little untethered. We didn’t know whether the virus would continue to rage for a week or month or for a year. This uncertainty and being unoccupied made to question our source of income. ‘What else can we do to earn a living?’ Giving shape to time was important since the future seemed shapeless. We could observe a few of these shifts or changes in our locality. The ‘istriwala’ had to shut his business and opened a grocery shop instead. The ‘bhelpuri wala’ rented a mini truck and started selling vegetables driving from one gully to another. There was a sense of flexibility that allowed this shift in businesses. But the same couldn’t be told for the people working in private companies. My Dad had no other option but to wait until he could continue to work from home or the intensity of the situation lightened.

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