The starting months after lockdown felt like heaven where you could just be free and have so much time to learn so many new things. It was finally like a dream come true- no schedule, no work, sleep how much ever you want- you could just be careless(a word that didn’t hit until after some more months passed by). Gradually even when nobody told me what to do, the need for a schedule just started eating my head. It just became more and more clear that even though a freeway of leaving may sound like a fancy world to live in; a schedule had subconsciously become an integral part of our daily lives. The need to change the schedules gradually along with different steps of life seems more possible. Suddenly when everything stops and nobody is certain about anything, it hits that we need to make our own new daily certainties. It felt as if I needed a vacation from a vacation! Also when everything is kind of quieter the only voice still on, is the one inside your head. Thus the pandemic period made me think and wonder deeply about a lot of things. It was like finally you can come out of the picture and look at it, question it and understand it.

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