Working 8 hrs for 6 days a week is now a thing of past!!! The excitement of the new year soon became a pandemic fear!!

Now we were supposed to stay indoors for like daily!!! The ringing doorbell never haunted us more as we don’t know if the person is a covid carrier or not. Bathing veggies, sanitizing packets, wearing masks and gloves, cleaning the house, cooking, baking, washing utensils, bathing every time after returning home was the new routine now. 

Waking up and sitting in front of the laptop and doing something which I had never imagined that it could be done from home!! Soon I started to miss the scent of the books, the silent library view, students referring books, the printer noise, counting pages, searching keywords, organising shelves, etc. everything is changed now!! The balcony was the only link between me and the world.

But slowly the things changed form – get together to video calls, outdoor games to online/board games, dine-out to YouTube recipes, meeting room to zoom meetings, multiplex to video streaming apps these were the new source of entertainment for all of us.

Although Covid-19 has set the world on the back foot but for me it has been a blessing in disguise, it was covid due to which I could go home and spend time with my family! That was the finest moment in 2020.

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