As children we’ve all paused and reset our computer game just so that we would have a better chance of winning. And in broad sense, this pandemic is the reset button that the nature, and maybe each one of us needed. It was about time that humanity as a whole broke the shackles of their pre-programmed, adversity filled, and never-ending ambitious lifestyle, to just live in the moment.

And that is what everyone did, when forced to stay inside their homes for such a long time. We went back to where it all began: our home, our family, our relationships, our passion, our hobbies. We brought back into our lives the board games that were accumulating dust, the recipe books we’ve always wanted to try, the photo albums that we once made ourselves, the books we promised ourselves we’d read, the hobby we once were fond of. And most importantly, we brought back into our lives the one thing we always seemed to miss the most: presence of our loved ones. The time we spent with our family and friends during this lockdown amidst a pandemic is the one thing we all cherish the most. We strengthened relationships, made new ones, relived memories, and vowed to overcome this obstacle together, just like several others. We exploited technology and rebuilt our life online, from education to daily chores to our professional life.

But then again, reset button doesn’t have an everlasting effect. Life had to bounce back, and it did.

And as each element of our lives goes back to normal gradually with time, I wish that the next time we hit a reset button, it isn’t forced, it is by choice.

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